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To me writing music is like breathing. I feel like I'm dying when I stop


About me

In my life I created lots of beautiful songs both for myself and for others.

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Hey there! My name is Ana, I'm a singer, songwriter, music producer and a band leader.

My musical journey started when my parents sent me to a music school at the age of 5. Since then
I never quit music and been professionally making and releasing it for more than 10 years now.

What awaits you at a private meeting?

During our private 1-hour session I will listen to your demo, share my vision and ideas and give you practical advice on how to improve and enhance your song

After the session you will get:

- Clear song structure with main contrast points
- A list of ideas for hooks, melodies, beats and chords
- A list of musical references to look up to in the production
- Detailed production plan

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Some examples of my music production:

And this is what I write
for my band:

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