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Hey there! My name is Ana, I'm a singer, songwriter, music producer and a band leader.

My musical journey started when my parents sent me to a music school at the age of 5. Since then I never quit music and been professionally making and releasing it for more than 10 years now.

To me writing music is like breathing. I feel like I'm dying when I stop.

In my life I created lots of beautiful songs both for myself and for others.

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    My talents:
    I can write a song from scratch specifically for you basing on your ideas, feelings, wishes, style references etc.
    Music Production
    I can make your demo sound just like one of your favorite songs on Spotify. I'll take care of all the instruments - everything to turn your musical idea into a real streaming-quality track!
    Session Vocals
    I can enhance your musical creation with professionally performed vocal parts. Perfect for DJs!
    Online courses
    Soon my own online learning courses on songwriting and music production with AI will be available. Stay tuned! :)
    Sample packs
    You can buy one of my sample packs that will make your own music production much faster and easier.
    Private tuition
    We can have a private online tutoring session about vocals, songwriting, music production, music business or any other topic you would like to discuss with me. I'm always happy to help and be your guide on your creative way!
    I will create a unique piece of music just for you, basing on your ideas, wishes, feelings and preferences.

    We will have a series of online sessions where you will share with me your vision of a song and I will translate it into the beautiful language of music.

    As a result you will have a demo with lyrics, melody, harmony and style indicators that you can then take to a music producer and turn into a full release-ready track.
    This is where your demo starts to sound like real Spotify-quality track!

    We will have several online sessions where you will share with me your ideas, provide references for the style and sound your song, and I will with a great care transfer your music
    Whether you need a vocal sample for your next DJ set, or you want to enrich your own production with expressive backing vocals, I can arrange a beautifully performed vocal part (in a mezzo-soprano range) or even create and record a multi-voice arrangement.

    Just leave your contact details, we'll have an online call and discuss everything you need me to do!
    Some examples of my music production:
    And this is what I write for my band:
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